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Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Objective – To train a general obstetrician/ gynecologist as independent Reproductive Medicine specialist by working in a infertility center where more than 70 cycles per month of ICSI and more than 80 per month reproduction enhancing surgeries are performed. Despite huge number of cycles we have an upwards trend in success rates, maintaining transparency and highest standards of evidence based practice. This program is suitable for the candidates who want to make their career as Reproductive Medicine Specialists and want to delve deep in the field, learning not only the SKILLS but the SCIENCE.

Course Duration:

12 months

At the end of fellowship program the fellow doctor should be able to
1. Evaluate,prognosticate and plan treatment for the infertile couple.
2. Diagnose cases of anovulation, perform optimization prior to induction of ovulation and carry out induction of ovulation in WHO class 1 and class 2 patients.
3. Ability to evaluate tubal factor by HSG/SSG and select appropriate patients for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and tubal cannulation/adhesiolysis.
4. To evaluate male factor in infertility, carry out examination of infertile male. Evaluate semen analysis by WHO 2010 criteria and plan management for these couples.
5. Ability to perform ultrasound of female pelvis by transabdominal and transvaginal route to diagnose various pelvic pathologies.
6. To perform interventional ultrasound like sonosalpingography, cyst aspiration and transvaginal oocyte retrievel.
7. To be able to select, workup and perform appropriate fertility enhancing reproductive surgeries like septal resection, polypectomy, adhesiolysis, tubal cannulation, endometriosis ablation under supervision.
8.To be able to understand study designs, statistics and clinicl trials and evaluate a scientific paper critically.
9. Evaluate a couple planned for IVF and design appropriate treatment protocol for them.
10. Monitoring of IVF cycles with ultrasound and hormonal parameters and care of patients post ART cycles
11. Participate in the care of post ART pregnancy
12. Take care of emergencies like OHSS, threatened miscarriage, ovarian torsion etc
13. Participate actively in academic program with two presentations per month, performing two research work and presenting in national conference
12. Have a working knowledge of the Andrology lab including semen preparation, semen analysis, cryopreservation and documentation.
13. Exposure to techniques in ART lab as observer

Entrance Exam Day

23rd October 2021

Prerequisites –

1- MD/MS/DNB/DGO from MCI/NBE Recognized Colleges
2- Selection is by written exam and interview by Fellowship Committee Reproductive Medicine Bansal Hospital, Bhopal

Course fees

INR 3,00,000 + GST


stipend of 40,000/- per month will be given

Evaluation during course Apart from evaluation of log book

1- Assessment exam at 6 months interval – 2 exams
2- Exit exam at 12 months with two external examiners.
Fellowship will be provided after clearing exit exam

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