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Evaluation of Infertile Couple

Infertility is stressful condition. While it is not considered a disease, it causes lot of mental and psychological upheavals. It also leads to social isolation and withdrawal especially in traditional societies.

‘To get and to beget’ is an inborn human tendency and when couples find it difficult to procreate, they must see Reproductive Medicine specialist. Evaluation is always done as a couple irrespective of who has the problem, so it is important for both husband and wife to see the doctor.

The first step in evaluation is the history where the doctor will enquire in detail regarding the menstrual history, medical and surgical history and also the detailed history of male partner.

The first investigation, which is usually done, is a semen analysis of the husband. We always do a transvaginal sonography of the female partner to assess the condition of uterus and ovaries.

A thyroid test and assessment of prolactin levels and Rubella immunity is also done in almost all females.

After the result of these tests is ready, the doctor will formulate a treatment plan for your case taking into consideration all the clinical features of your case. Dr. Priya believes in individualizing the treatment and you will not find the assembly line or cookie cutter approach in our clinic.

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