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Azoospermia is a condition where the male partner does not have sperms in the ejaculate. Till some years ago, the only option in such cases used to be sperm donation and Artificial insemination of wife using these donated sperm. Every couple and every man wants to have his own biological child and now it is possible for azoospermic men to father their genetic child by SURGICAL SPERM RETRIEVEL TECHNIQUES.

Dr. Priya Bhave Chittawar is trained in the surgical sperm retrivel techniques in India and abroad and the Reproductive Medicine Department has the distinction of the FIRST MICRO DISSECTION TESTICULAR SPERM EXTRACTION BABY OF MADHYA PRADESH.

The various ways to obatained sperms for ICSI in azoospermia are

1. TESA: Testicular Sperm Aspiration: Sperms are aspirated from the testes using a thin needle and scalp vein set.

2. PESA : Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration: Sperms are aspirated from the epididymis using a small needle

3. Micro Dissection testicular sperm extraction : Using an operating microscope and magnification between 40X to 100X, the testes is opened and dilated tubules are selectively removed. The tubules are milked and sperms obtained are processed and cultured for intracytoplasmic sperm injection in the lab.

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DR. Priya bhave

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